ANGER FOOT – Alpha Demo

ANGER FOOT, the carnage-filled foot-stomping FPS is back with an all new demo, complete with new sneakers, a little chill-time with your girlfriend and a boss-fight with a helicopter!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, ANGER FOOT is a first person shooter that plays a lot like Hotline Miami, but in first person and with an odd fixation with feet. In … Read More

ANGER FOOT – Prototype Download

ANGER FOOT is an adrenaline fuelled door-kicking, face-stomping FPS that plays a lot like Hotline Miami, but in first person, with lots of fun physics-based carnage and a lot more kicking!

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was a Game Jam Prototype, ANGER FOOT is an incredibly fast, fun and brutal run ‘n gun FPS where you kick and shoot … Read More

ANGER FOOT – Game Jam Build Download

ANGER FOOT is a very fast paced and incredibly fun little Hotline Miami-esque FPS where you sorom your way through a building kicking any doors and people that get in your way.

Created for 7dfps 2020, ANGER FOOT is a short and highly entertaining little FPS where your foot is your most powerful weapon. It plays a little like a first person physics-based Hotline Read More