ANTRAXX – Pre-Alpha Demo


ANTRAXX is a very cool isometric massively multiplayer mech combat game with high quality pixel art visuals, fully customizable mechs and fast paced arcade mech battles.

ANTRAXX draws inspiration from classics such as Front Mission and Metal Slug to build it’s 1980’s style futuristic game world. It’s a future where mankind has been forced underground as the surface air is now unbreathable due to chemical … Read More

Antraxx – Tech Demo

Antraxx game

Antraxx is a very stylish massively multiplayer mech arena combat game in which players do battle with customizable mechs in isometric arcade-esque combat inspired by classic arcade games.

Set in a 1980’s themed post-apocalyptic world, players will do battle across a variety of maps, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics that must be mastered. Players will also be able to take part in multiple … Read More