Flatshot – Alpha Download


Flatshot is a stylish 2D arcade bullet-hell boss rush game in which you control a plucky little triangle who takes on boss after boss armed only with a single action button which allows you to attack, parry and parry dash.

Although it may initially look quite simplistic, Flatshot’s clean and minimalistic visual style is a joy to behold in motion.  In fact it’s hard not … Read More

Summer Catchers – Alpha Demo

Summer Catchers Game

Summer Catchers is a charming 2D arcade adventure racing game in which you play as a little girl who wants to travel far from her icy northern homeland so that she can see a sunny summer for the first time in her life.

After purchasing a car from a talking wolf, you set out on your grand adventure across a world filled with beautiful pixel … Read More

Tank Universal 2 – Alpha Demo

Tank Universal 2

Tank Universal 2 is a stylish first person action arcade tank shooter that’s inspired by TRON and the classic vector based tank combat game, Battlezone.

In Tank Universal 2 you take control of a highly mobile tank on missions that include defending your fortress and crushing your opposition.  It’s a full on sequel to the popular original, with bigger battles, better visuals, new abilities … Read More