Wincars Racer – Open Beta

wincars racer

Wincars Racer is an online multiplayer arcade racing game with a strategic competitive twist that we first covered when it was in Closed Beta.

It combines old school arcade racing with MOBA-esque skills that add a bit of strategy to your driving experience.  You have a choice of four different car classes (Gran Tourismo, Formula Auto, Off Road and Sports) and six drivers with … Read More

Row Your Boat – Alpha Demo

row your boat

Row Your Boat is a deceptively tricky arcade game that challenges you to overcome its Flappy Bird-esque difficulty level to guide a kayak along a narrow river, collecting coins and dodging obstacles.

At first glance, Row Your Boat doesn’t present itself as a game that could drive you to tear out clumps of your hair in frustration.  Its bright, cheery cartoon graphics and pleasantly … Read More

Run Far – Prototype Download

Run Far

Run Far is a fun first person action game, that blends Mirrors Edge-style parkour with fast, colourful arcade gameplay inspired by Jet Set Radio and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.

You play Marina – a parkour enthusiast who needs to travel on the city’s transit system but don’t have enough money – but luckily there’s plenty of cash hidden around the level just … Read More

Hostile World – Alpha Demo

hostile world

Hostile Word is a floaty, side-scrolling arcade shooter that puts you in control of a space vessel exploring the surface of an alien planet and searching for the truth behind the sudden radio silence from the onworld research facility.

The levels of Hostile World play quite linearly; to complete each zone you’ll have to fly over to the end-gate and, after picking up your first … Read More

Drone Ikuze – Alpha Demo

Drone Ikuze

Drone Ikuze is a third person jet-fighting shooter with stylish low poly visuals and gameplay that focuses on simple arcade thrills and exciting aerial dog fights.

Your objective is to destroy a mother ship whilst engaging in aerial combat with the enemy fighters that are defending it.  What makes Drone Ikuze so enjoyable is its simplicity – it distills aerial dogfighting into pure adrenaline-fuelled arcade … Read More