Arena – Alpha Download

Arena is a very stylish magic-based hand painted first person shooter where you fight for your life in a gladiatorial arena against waves enemies after being busted for using magic.

Arena takes place in a beautiful hand painted fantasy land called Kazu where the use of magic has been outlawed. After being caught using your magical abilities by the city guards you have been sentence … Read More

Blacksea Odyssey – Alpha Demo

Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey is a fast-paced, top-down arena shooter that combines aspects of Monster Hunter with rogue-like elements to deliver a series of fantastic space-fishing boss battles.

As we mentioned during last month’s Alpha Sign-Up, Blacksea Odyssey has really stepped up the fun factor from their previous prototype. As you skid around each procedurally-generated level hunting for alien fish, you’ll also be collecting awesome power-ups … Read More

Entire Screen Of One Game, ARENA++ & Nowhere – 3 GameJam Builds That Will Melt Your Brain

Nowhere 1

This Ludum Dares theme was to fit an ‘entire game on one screen’ – we’ve hand-picked some of the entrants have done that and a whole lot more, with 3 games designed to melt your brain: Entire Screen Of One Game, ARENA++ and Nowhere.


Entire Screen Of One Game 

Entire Screen On One Game 1

Entire Screen On One Game turns the tables on Ludum 31’s theme to a mind-warping … Read More