Cutting Hedge – Game Jam Build Download

cutting hedge

Cutting Hedge is a bouncy, goofy simulation game built for Ludum Dare 35 where you are challenged to —as you may have surmised from the game’s title— cut hedges.

Cutting Hedge plays a bit like a rejected Mario Party minigame. In Cutting Hedge, you’ll progress through a variety of different hedge transformation challenges as you attempt satisfy your eager customers. Using your cursor, you’ll … Read More

The Miskatonic – Pre-alpha Download


The Miskatonic is a beautifully hand-drawn 2D side-scrolling horror comedy visual novel, where you play as a odd female protagonist with a huge shotgun in a demonic university. It’s inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, with old school survival horror puzzles and ‘harrowingly humorous’ dialogue.

The Miskatonic‘s appeal is its nice aesthetic design, wonderful character designs, a great atmosphere in a beautifully grim world to explore, … Read More

Antitheos – Game Jam Build


Antitheos is a godly 2D action platformer where your fortune really is in the luck of the draw.

You play as a time traveling space orc that got stuck in a time period where those who live in it are in need of a new god, so they made you their god to rule everyone!  Being worshiped as a god is no bad thing, but … Read More

Yours Truly, – Student Project Download

Yours Truly Game

Yours Truly, is a beautiful 10 minute gem that serves as a war analogy, with two strange shadows being too different to live at each others side – no matter how much they want it.

The art design is fantastic as you traverse the barren wilderness with your shivering shadowy figure – you immediately feel for this strange dark being.  Blood red trails of red … Read More

Tolroko – Prototype Download

Tolroko is a visually stunning open-world sci-fi adventure that’s inspired by the Barsoom books.

It’s is set in a procedurally generated alien planet that’s populated with cities and villages filled with different types of alien races. Playing as a human, you explore, shape your character and interact with the aliens through combat, trade, and diplomacy.

In Tolroko you will have the freedom to choose your … Read More