Illuminascii – Alpha Download


Poppy the Austere Hobbit Security Guard‘ fought bravely, dispatching (among others) a professional dinosaur, a Demented Pool Cue and a Ruinous Mother-In-Law before falling foul to a Deformed Bishop on level 6. Rest in piece Poppy, you faught well!  No this isn’t the start of a mental break down, it’s just a normal play-through of the wonderfully bizarre ASCII-styled procedurally generated FPS Roguelike … Read More



Text Based Multiplayer Shooter strangely enough is exactly what the title suggests, even stranger is the fact that it actually works rather well!  Deathmatches (or Team Deathmatches) may not be fast, but they’re certainly frantic and fun, with players typing out commands as fast as possible.

Typing skills are definitely an advantage here, both in speed and accuracy, a misspelled command can mean the difference … Read More


SanctuaryRPG is a great new roguelike ASCII text based RPG set in a world of wizards and warlocks, ghosts and goblins, and soups and salads. It has six playable character classes and nine unique races to choose from, crafting, side quests, diverse weaponry, magic abilities, XP, a great turn based battle system, and cow romancing!

It’s an impressive game that brings fresh ideas, modern day … Read More