Homebound – Game Jam Build Download


Homebound, a short and mysterious Undertale-esque narrative made for the Asylum Jam 2016 sees you exploring a strangely familiar house and discovering your forgotten memories.

You start Homebound, in a strange house. You feel like you know this place but you don’t know why. As you walk around, there are various rooms and objects to interact with. Once you find an item … Read More

Spoiled Eggburt – Game Jam Build Download


Spoiled Eggburt, a creepy room escape made for the Asylum Jam 2016, has you attempting to survive and break out of a film by listening to the people who are watching it.

You are stuck inside a film that Eggburt is watching. Eggburt is a snobby film lover that is trying to watch his favorite horror flick with someone he cares deeply about – … Read More

Overcursed – Game Jam Build


Overcursed, a charming and funny little supernatural point and click adventure made for the Asylum Jam 2016, has you working for your own ghost busting company, performing jobs for customers with some very surprising results!

You work for Overcursed Inc., a small ghost busting company that consists of just you and Rocky (your brave little dog). You have quite a few clients to deal … Read More

Pavor Nocturnus – Game Jam Build

Pavor Nocturnus

Pavor Nocturnus, a game made for the Asylum Jam, is short and sinister tale in which you try to figure out where your girlfriend and your dog have gone.

It’s a normal day – well, accept your girlfriend Sal did not wake you up. You explore the house, examining photos and screensavers, noting how pretty Sal is. Then, things change when you find your … Read More

Apart – Game Jam Build Download


Apart is a cool low poly Slenderman-style horror, made for the Asylum Jam, which has you searching for specific oddly familiar items in a strange forest.

You are not sure why you are here, but recognize the place. There is a large, red, telephone booth next to a table of items. A man on the phone tells you that you must find five items; … Read More