Fringe Theory – Alpha Demo

Fringe Theory

Fringe Theory, being created by Lion Roar Games, is an atmospheric first person puzzle survival adventure that features two men coping with post traumatic stress disorder and attempting to uncover the mysteries of the island they’re trapped on.

While Fringe Theory presents itself as a survival adventure, it’s unlike most survival games you’ve ever played – it features inventive puzzle design and a focus on … Read More

Kôna – Prototype Download


Kôna is an atmospheric first-person survival exploration game set in the 1970’s where you play as a detective investigating the disappearance of his client named Hamilton, who’s gone missing along with most of the other locals.

In the finished game itself, you’ll explore vast atmospheric open levels, solve puzzles to aid your case and your survival.  You’ll use tools to help you along the way, … Read More

Wooden Floor – Alpha Demo

Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor is a creepy first person horror game full of visual trickery, where whole rooms can change while you’re not looking.

There are no full on jump scares (at least in the demo), instead the game builds a tense and eerie atmosphere where you constantly question what’s real.  Close a door and open it again, and it may reveal a totally different room or … Read More