Balancelot – Alpha Demo

Balancelot is an incredibly tough physics based platformer where you attempt to ride a unicycle through a series of hazard-filled coursed on your way to a jousting tournament.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Balancelot is a very addictive (and very challenging) unicycle riding adventure that plays a little like Trials would if you could only wheelie everywhere and had to … Read More

Balancelot – Pre-Alpha Download

Balancelot is a fun little unicycle jousting oddity that plays a little like Trials on a unicycle with a touch of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy-esque physics based frustration.

In Balancelot you control a lowly squire who really wants to take part in the kingdom’s jousting tournament. Unfortunately he’s too poor to afford a horse, but he has managed to get his hands … Read More