Ponyvania: Order of Equestria – Beta Download

Ponyvania order of equestria download

Ponyvania: Order of Equestria is a surprisingly good blend of My Little Pony and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia in which you play a little pony who battles challenging enemies, collects loot and levels up as you attempt to save the kingdom of Chanterlot from Discord the lord of Chaos.

You don’t need to know anything about My Little Pony to enjoy Ponyvania: Order of EquestriaRead More

Die Metal – Alpha Download

Die Metal

Die Metal is a stylish twin stick shooter/tower defense hybrid that sees you trying to fight off waves of enemies on a hostile alien world.

You control a lone ship who must defend a reactor.  You’re capable of short bursts of fire, good for taking out stragglers but not really an option for hordes.  You do, however, have the ability to place turrets in strategic … Read More