Crown Trick – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2000 Beta keys to give away for Crown Trick, the beautifully animated dungeon crawling roguelike where you combine elemental powers with environmental hazards to do serious damage to your enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, in Crown Trick you enter a nightmarish labyrinthine dungeon that moves when you move. Movement and combat is turn-based … Read More

Capsular – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Capsular is an intense “One Shot, One Kill” arena shooter with super fast paced skill based combat, easily accessible gameplay and projectiles you need to dodge to stay alive.

In Capsular everyone spawns in with just a pistol and their own skill (there’s no CoD-style perks and upgrades here). Around the arenas you’ll find useful vantage points for getting the drop on opponents and … Read More

I.F.O. – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

IFO Game Download

I.F.O. is a cheerful and challenging retro shoot ‘em up with a visual style inspired by classic Game & Watch LCD games, that sees you blasting swarms of aliens and huge bosses from your little airplane.

The charming nostalgic LCD-styled visuals of I.F.O. belie a surprisingly tough and addictive game with a wide selection of collectible power ups and upgrades. You start with a basic … Read More

Wincars Racer – Closed Beta Key Giveaway

wincars racer

Wincars Racer is an online, multiplayer kart-racing game that draws its inspiration from old-school, arcade games. With tons of vehicles, drivers, and alternate skins to choose from, Wincars Racer provides enough customization to satisfy even the pickiest of players.

As we previous covered on Alpha Beta Gamer, Wincars Racer began its Closed Beta test on November 18th. A week into the Closed Beta, there … Read More

Supernova – Beta Key Giveaway


Supernova is space-themed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with an emphasis on providing true strategic control to its players with its real-time strategy (RTS) elements.

You’ll take control of one of 26 Commanders in classic 5v5 matches on a three-laned map typical of the genre, but unlike in other popular MOBAs of today, Supernova takes it a step further. With its focus on tech … Read More