Bounce Castle – Open Beta

Bounce Castle is a charming physics-based turn-based strategy game where you slam and smash enemies around the arena into deadly hazards.

The gameplay in Bounce Castle is a little like a more complex take on Bumpers & Broadswords. It’s a single-player game and sees you taking control of uniquely skilled units in different hazard-filled arenas.

The aim of each match is to eliminate the … Read More

Street Fighter 6 – Open Beta (PC, PlayStation & Xbox)

Can you download and play the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta right now? Sure-you-can!

As mentioned on Alpha Beta Gamer during the demo release, the Street Fighter 6 open Beta starts today and will finish at midnight PDT on May 21st. It’s available to download now on Xbox, Playstation and Steam and features six unique stages, lots of game modes and six playable characters.… Read More