Ouroboros – Beta Download

Ouroboros is a dark Event Horizon-esque narrative based Sci-Fi adventure with survival horror elements that sees you dispatches to a massive research ship in space where it seems they’ve been meddling with things best left alone.

In Ouroboros you take on the role of Julie Ryans, a disgraced reporter who has been sent undercover to find out what exactly is happening on the UNSS … Read More

Past Cure – Beta Demo

Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller with inventive puzzle design and an intriguing narrative that blurs the lines between dreams and reality.

In Past Cure you take on the role of a former elite soldier who was subjected to torture and experimentation that has left him suffering from visions and unrelenting nightmares, as well as the ability to use powers such as telekinesis and … Read More

Highway Madness – Beta Download (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)

Highway Madness is essentially a multiplayer VR version of Crossy Road, that sees players running across a busy highway, attempting to get to the finish line first (in one piece!)

In Highway Madness players can compete in two different game modes – Run and Shoot. The Shooting mode is a free for all deathmatch for up to six players in which you collect weaponry … Read More