– Open Beta is a fun multiplayer browser based gunfight that sees two teams of players using sniper guns to pick each other off from behind cover.

In two teams of players face off against each other, with a team on each side of the 2.5D arenas and low structures that players can duck behind to avoid gunfire. While behind the cover you’re safe from enemy … Read More

MU Legend – Open Beta

MU Legend is next highly anticipated instalment of the MU series, that features spectacle-filled, isometric hack n’ slash massively multilayer dungeon crawling gameplay across its dark fantasy world.

MU Legend is the follow-up to Webzen’s MU Online and features massively multiplayer action RPG gameplay with isometric dungeon crawling combat akin to Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes. It has four character classes (Dark Lord, Whisperer, … Read More