Wait! Life is Beautiful! – Beta Demo

Wait! Life is Beautiful! is a thought provoking little narrative driven game where you stand on a bridge renowned for suicides and talk to jumpers to try and save their lives.

In Wait! Life is Beautiful! you step into the shoes of Will – a man who visits the legendary “Suicide Bridge” each night and tries to stop people from killing themselves. The bridge has … Read More

Seedlings – Beta Demo

Seedlings is a beautiful puzzle platforming adventure which sees you controlling a sentient seed as it makes its way through a game world that’s crafted from photos of the forests of New Zealand.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, Seedlings is a puzzle platforming adventure that takes place in the forests of New Zealand, where a new species of sentient seeds … Read More

Circle of Football – Beta Download

Circle of Football has now hit Steam Early Access, and for a limited time only you can grab it for free!

As mentioned during the closed Beta, Circle of Football is a fast-paced physics-based arcade football game from the creators of Circle of Sumo. It features 1v1 and 2v2 matches in a variety of different little arenas – from a furniture-filled living room … Read More

Spinch – Beta Demo

Spinch is a very fast paced psychedelic platformer where a super-agile little white ball with legs sets out to rescue its offspring.

Currently in development by award winning cartoonist Jesse Jacobs, Spinch is a fast, fun and visually spectacular platforming adventure set in a vibrant multicolored world. In the game you take control of Spinch, an agile creature that resembles a golf ball with arms … Read More

Patch Quest – Beta Download

Patch Quest is a charming looking roguelike action adventure where you can mount and ride every monster in its colorful patchwork world!

Playable in single player or local 2 player co-op, Patch Quest takes place in the lost civilization of Patchlantis – a magical lane filled with cute monsters which, where the terrain gets shuffled every night by powerful storms. The monsters can be pretty … Read More