Drag Her! – Beta Sign Up

Drag Her! is a hilariously over the top 2D fighting game where a roster of real-life drag queens face off in chaotic battles.

In Drag Her! you’ll be able to choose from a roster of seven real-life drag queens and fight to become the One True Top. It features a single-player arcade mode and multiplayer for up to four players. Fighters include Alaska 5000, Asia … Read More

Monolith – Beta Demo

Monolith is a Sci-Fi point and click adventure where a space explorer tries to survive and make sense of a mysterious planet she crash lands on.

In Monolith you follow the adventure of Tessa Carter – a space explorer who works for an intergalactic mining operation. You wake up in your cryochamber after a catastrophic crash leaves you stranded and alone on a strange alien … Read More