Hazy Days – Beta Download

hazy days 3

Hazy Days is a surprisingly powerful and affecting breathing simulator set in China, in which you control the breathing cycles of a 10 year old girl, with an aim of making sure she doesn’t get sick as she walks to school every day through heavy smog.

A young girl wants to visit her grandmother for the Chinese New Year, but that’s a week from now … Read More

Metal War Online: Retribution – Open Beta (Steam)

Metal War Online

Metal War Online: retribution, a game being created by GDT Limited on Steam Early Access, is an extremely fun car/tank arena combat game that pits you with a team of other drivers against an opposing team who are out to slaughter you.

It’s a PvP style arena combat game but instead of people or monsters tearing each other apart, you drive around in armoured … Read More

SNOW – Open Beta (Steam)


SNOW os a great looking new open world winter sports game in which you can ski, snowboard and snowmobile your way down a massive mountain, competing in events and riding with friends.

We first covered SNOW a last year when it was in Closed Beta, and and a lot of improvements have been implemented since then.  You can customize your character with a varied selection … Read More