Rise Of Incarnates – Open Beta (Steam)

Rise of incarnates

Rise Of Incarnates, the impressive looking super powered 2 on 2 combat game from Bandai Namco (Tekken & Soul Calibur), which we first mentioned last year, is now in Open Beta on Steam.

Players can take control of various super powered ‘Incarnates’ and do battle across half-destroyed versions of real-world city-scapes such as New York and Paris.  The combat is a mixture … Read More

Pavel Quest – Beta Download

pavel quest game

Pavel Quest is a fast paced and well designed single button puzzle platformer that see’s you using precision timing to survive and escape a labyrinthine Castlevania-style castle.

The premise of Pavel Quest is fairly simple – your character is constantly running, you simply have to press a button to make him jump.  Ever since Canabalt, there has been no shortage of games where … Read More

Guardian Stone – Beta Sign Up (Mobile)

guardian stone

Guardian Stone is a great looking turn based adventure RPG for iOS and Android where you play as a tongue-in-cheek take on classic dungeon crawling style heroes, who are flanked by a team of warrior spirits called Guardians (who do all the hard work).

You’ll control one of three heroes, battling goblins, orcs, tree-ents and dragons as you journey across vast glacial mountains and demon … Read More

Battlefield Hardline – Open Beta

Battlefield hardline

The much delayed (and hopefully not as broken) Battlefield Hardline is holding an Open Beta February 3rd to February 8th.

The Beta will be available on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and will feature three modes playable across three maps.  Modes include the before seen ‘Conquest’ and ‘Heist’ as well as ‘Hotwire’ – a mode which sees players trying to steal cars … Read More