Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab – Alpha Demo

Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab is an intense retro arcade styled on-rails shooter where you attempt to blast your way out of a zombie-filled city before it gets nuked!

Following on from the events in Biocrisis, in Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab you have just escaped the lab that a zombie outbreak has occurred within and must now escape the city. While the original … Read More

BioCrisis – Game Jam Build Download

BioCrisis is a fun little PS1 styled homage to the classic fixed camera Resident Evil games, complete with zombies, tank controls and fixed camera viewpoints.

Created for the 32-bit Spring Cleaning Game Jam (and to celebrate 25 years of Resident Evil), BioCrisis is a short old school survival horror game that pays homage to Capcom’s classics. It sees you waking up after a car … Read More