BIOMASS – Game Jam Build Download

BIOMASS is a challenging retro styled nonlinear action platforming adventure where your weapons and armor perform worse the more you use them as you attempt to help a clone escape a mutant biomass infected spaceship.

Created for the Cult of Jabrils Stay@Home Jam, BIOMASS is a very tough nonlinear action platformer set within a spaceship that’s been overrun by grotesque monsters formed from mutated biomass … Read More

Biomass – Alpha Demo

Biomass is a beautifully animated Souls-ian Sci-Fi metroidvania adventure where you set out on a pilgrimage to a lighthouse at the center of a sinking metropolis.

In Biomass you take on the role of a mysterious stranger who is on a pilgrimage to the heart of a lighthouse in the center of a sprawling dystopian city that’s sinking into the water. The lore of the … Read More