Blacksea Odyssey – Alpha Demo

Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey is a fast-paced, top-down arena shooter that combines aspects of Monster Hunter with rogue-like elements to deliver a series of fantastic space-fishing boss battles.

As we mentioned during last month’s Alpha Sign-Up, Blacksea Odyssey has really stepped up the fun factor from their previous prototype. As you skid around each procedurally-generated level hunting for alien fish, you’ll also be collecting awesome power-ups … Read More

Blacksea Odyssey – Game Jam Build

blacksea odyssey

Radial shoot-n-catch (could be their own subgenre) Blacksea Odyssey is more than just a space shooter, but not quite the Get Bass Space Edition we’ve been pining for since the original release.

Players will fly a ship with a giant net trailing behind it in an attempt to catch the Titanfish in space. Before one reaches that encounter however, there are plenty of space fish … Read More