Blossom – Student Game

Blossom is a beautiful little third person puzzle platforming adventure where you surf through the skies and spread life throughout a dying island.

Created by students at ISART Digital, Blossom is an uplifting 10 minute platforming adventure where you control a spirit of nature who is tasked with revitalising a dying island. A lot of the time plant-life will blossom wherever you walk and on … Read More

Blossom – Game Jam Build Download

Blossom, a stylish musical platformer made for the GDL Jam, sees you collecting a beautiful melody for a silent world.

In Blossom you play as a small robot called Tinker, who knew of the world before it grew silent. This world had wonderful sounds, footsteps, and music. Without these features, the world feels lifeless. Tinker wants to fix that, bringing both sound and light … Read More