Bad Pad – Alpha Demo

Bad Pad

Bad Pad, a game being created by MizGames (Avishay Mizrav), is a Super Meatboy-esque platformer, that offers up challenging gameplay and fun level design.

In Bad Pad you play as a hero who springs to life after a young man throws his controller at his television screen out of frustration. The tv shorts out but brings you, along with the love of your … Read More

One Dog Story – Alpha Demo

One Dog Story

One Dog Story, a game being created by Big Way Games, is a Cave Story-inspired 2D side-scroller full of pixelated gun fights, monstrous abominations and a mystery surrounding yourself in this hellish underground laboratory.

You awaken, dazed and confused by your surroundings. You have little to no recollection of where you are or how you even got here. You gather yourself, calm your nervous … Read More