Tom vs The Armies of Hell – Alpha Demo

Tom vs the armies of hell

Tom vs The Armies of Hell is humorous top-down isometric action adventure game with a that plays like a mix of Ratchet & Clank and Bastion.  It has some minor puzzles and light RPG elements but mainly you will be fighting things and advancing the genuinely funny story.

In AOH you play as Tom, a computer programmer whose office is plunged into the depth … Read More



Aaru’s Awakening is a fantastic 2D action platformer with a beautiful hand drawn art style inspired by 70s animation films.  You play as Aaru, the champion of dawn, a muscular beast who must travel through the domains of Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night and defeat the Night deity who has upset the balance in the world of Lumenox.

The big draw of Aaru’s Awakening is … Read More