MaoMao Castle – Game Jam Build

MaoMao Castle

MaoMao Castle, a very silly Space Harrier-esque retro arcade styled game made for the Castle Game Jam 2016 has you guiding your flying cat-dragon to his floating castle!

MaoMao is the name of your cat-dragon from another dimension, and you are trying to guide home to his castle in the sky. He has 9 lives, each represented by a segment of his long … Read More

Breach & Clean – Game Jam Build Download

breach and clean

Breach & Clean, a fast and funny low poly hotel cleaning simulator made for the Castle Game Jam 2016 has you breaching room doors with explosives and cleaning up hotel rooms whether people want you to or not!

In Breach & Clean you are a hotel maid who is just looking to get their job done as fast as possible without getting fired. There … Read More