The 7 Cents Deal – Game jam Build

The 7 Cents Deal is a cute little feline cahier simulator where cats pay with their lives that are within different sized bells and you have to give them the exact change within a time limit.

In The 7 Cents Deal you take on the role of a cashier (or catshier) at a shop where cute little cats come in to buy things with … Read More

Dante’s Infernya – Student Project Game

Dante’s Infernya is a funny physics-based feline action game that sees you taking control of a naughty cat and attempting to destroy all your owner’s belongings without getting caught!

Dante’s Infernya plays a little like Catlateral Damage and Purrkour, with you controlling a mischievous cat who loves to wreck things, but with the added danger of being chased by your owner. Your aim in … Read More

I Catch You – Game Jam Build

I Catch You is a fun little feline detective game that sees you using interrogation abilities and keen sense of smell to sniff out the killer of a deceased stripper.

In I Catch You you take on the role of a feline detective in a world that’s becoming overrun by dogs. After a heavy night on the milk, a new case lands on your lap … Read More

PUSS! – Beta Demo

PUSS! is a super tough and incredibly bizarre blend of precision mouse control, bullet hell and cats that sees you guiding your little feline through a variety of increasingly surreal mazes and battling powerful bosses.

In PUSS! you control a little cat who has managed to become trapped in another dimension. The only way out is through a series of randomly selected vaporwave-styled stages that … Read More

Cardamom – Alpha Demo

Cardamom Game Download

Cardamom is an adorable interactive musical adventure in which you play a cat who enters the lives of three tenants of an apartment block, helping with their emotional problems and listening as they relay their feelings though song.

In Cardamom you play a stray cat who likes to hang around a particular apartment block and spend time with its residents – all of whom are … Read More