Loop – Game Jam Build Download

Loop Game

Loop, a fast paced Downwell-esque game made for the CGA Jam, sees you replaying the same looping level, but faster and with slight modifications as you attempt to get the highest score possible.

In Loop, you play a small orb that is falling down a hole full of platforms, spikes, enemies, and gems. All of these objects must be reacted to differently … Read More

Drone Commander – Game Jam Build Download

drone commander Game Download

Drone Commander is a fun, fast paced mini-RTS/shoot-em-up hybrid made for the CGA Jam, where you command a swarm of drones and attempt to destroy waves of alien ships!

In Drone Commander your single fleet of drones is all you have to defeat waves of aliens in outer space. You are able to command the formations in which these ships fly around, as well as … Read More

SCANLINE – Game Jam Build Download

SCANLINE Game Download

SCANLINE, a procedurally generated run n’ gun action platformer made for the CGA Jam, has you attempting to make it through deadly stages full of enemies and traps, all while avoiding a wave of death coming from behind you.

You have only a gun to help you get through the dangerous CGA world of SCANLINE, while a pink wave of death moves quickly behind … Read More