Cloudbase Prime – Final Alpha Download

Cloudbase Prime download

Cloudbase Prime, being created by Tyrus Peace, is a super fast-paced, super fun and super bouncy FPS/Platformer that we’ve had the pleasure of covering quite a few times on Alpha Beta Gamer, so now that the final Alpha build before the game hits Early Access later this year has been released, we figured we’d check it out and see what cool new additions Tyrus … Read More

Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Download (Update)

cloudbase prime games

Cloudbase Prime is an odd, little first-person shooter/platformer we’ve covered before on Alpha Beta Gamer, but the dev (Tyrus Peace) has just released a new build with some significant additions and upgrades.

In Cloudbase Prime, you play as a hapless, robo-suited miner just trying to survive your first work shift on an unstable gas giant. To complete each level, you’ll need to alternate between … Read More