Cookies – Alpha Demo

Cookies is a very weird drug-fuelled first person horror game set within a roach infested flop house, with dead bodies, gun nuts, a kool-aid-drinking death cult and a rat king.

Created by Stef Pinto (creator of Exit Mask) and drawing inspiration from Twin Peaks and Fear and Loating in Las Vegas, in Cookies you take on the role of a low level drug … Read More

Beatdown Dungeon – Alpha Demo

beatdown dungeon game

Beatdown Dungeon is a fun blend of dungeon crawling RPG goodness and fast paced blazblue style 2D fighting that sees you exploring randomly generated dungeons and engaging in 1-on-1 match-ups against strange monsters and skilled fighters.

Phil (WurstBrotPhil) has done an incredible job of melding two distinct genres into one fabulous fusion. You play as two different characters, both of which have stumbled into a … Read More