Critters For Sale – Beta Download

Critters For Sale is a wonderfully weird and slightly sinister choose-your-own-adventure style narrative experience with many ways to die and lots of bizarre characters to meet, including Noid Men, Michael Jackson and a homicidal goat.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Critters For Sale is a bizarre 1-bit styled narrative adventure where nearly every choice you make dramatically affects the story … Read More

Critters For Sale – Alpha Download

Critters For Sale is a surreal, stylish and sinister narrative adventure that starts with you getting a text from Michael Jackson and just gets weirder from there!

Playing like a black and white 1-bit point and click adventure/visual novel, Critters For Sale takes you on a wild ride that touches on themes of black magic, immortality and time-travel. The full game will comprise of five … Read More