Unwelcome Presence – Game Jam Build Download

Unwelcome Presence

Unwelcome Presence is a stylish, silhouetted Dark Souls-ian 3rd person action adventure in which you play an uninvited guest in an ancient land.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, combat and game structure is remarkably similar to Dark Souls (albeit in a more condensed form).  You have a heavy attack, a light attack and a defensive roll which you must use wisely as your stamina … Read More

Grimstorm – Game Jam Build Download


Grimstorm is essentially Dark Souls (or Bloodborne) distilled into a super tough 2D pixel art adventure, complete with deadly enemies, huge bosses, upgrades and unlockable shortcuts.

Created for #AdventureJam 2015 and inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls and Shovel Knight, Grimstorm sees you storming Castle Grimstorm, a place of terror and very tough enemies.  Much like Dark Souls, you can’t … Read More

Death’s Gambit – Über Hard Demo & Playtest Application

Deaths Gambit

Death’s Gambit is effectively a beautifully animated 2D mix of Shadow Of The Colossus and Dark Souls.  Just let that just sink in a minute….

In the game you play an agent of death, on a medieval alien planet, full of beasts, knights and massive SoTC-Style bosses. As is Dark Souls, there are no easy kills in this game, with each enemy … Read More