Deff – Alpha Download

Deff is a fast paced puzzle action platforming adventure that sees you taking control of a wheelchair-bound Death as he sets out for revenge against those who tried to kill him.

We first featured Deff on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was a game jam prototype and were very impressed with it’s fun narrative, challenging gameplay and clever level design. The new … Read More

Deff – Game Jam Build Download

Deff, a fast-paced platformer made for the 365 Indies Jam, sees you playing a Grim Reaper who sets out for revenge after a failed assassination attempt has left him wheelchair bound.

You are Deff, a Grim Reaper who someone tried to assassinate. This near-death (or near Deff) experience has left you wheelchair bound and unable to use most of your body. As a determined … Read More