ANNWN – Alpha Demo

ANNWN, an abstract stealth strategy game that was showcased at the PC Gamer Weekender, sees you trying to make it to the top of the hill, by balancing energy and growing objects around you to teleport.

ANNWN takes you into a surreal world – well a small island, that has a giant Watchman at the highest peak. This being slowly rotates, scanning the … Read More

Dunpets Colors – Beta Demo (Windows, iOS & Android)

Dunpets Colors, an adorable Pokemon-esque adventure game, sees you playing a rescuer who saves pets from the corruption of strange crystals that have appeared in their world.

You are a rescuer of the Dunpets’ population. Dunpets live in a different world, one that was full of peace and happiness until some strange crystals started appearing. These crystals give off a strange aura that … Read More

Panoptic – Alpha Demo (HTC Vive & Oculus Rift)

Panoptic, a local asymmetric multiplayer game played between one VR headset wearer and a one playing on a regular screen, sees one player sneaking around a shadowy world, avoiding being caught by a giant all-seeing mask with a laser eye.

Panoptic consists of a dark world filled with citizens being watched by a giant mask called the Overseer. This Overseer has reigned over the … Read More

StarFighter – Beta Demo

StarFighter Game

StarFighter, is a fun new vertically scrolling shoot-em-up in which you research and develop spaceships before testing them out in the field.

You have just been promoted to head of Research and Development for StarFighter Incorporated! This company used to make the best starfighters in the galaxy until budget cuts started to happen. They are hoping to make it back to the top by … Read More

TinyWars – Prototype Download


TinyWars, a cute Anime-styled tower defense game in the prototype stage, has you placing down witches to defend yourself against hordes of enemies in strategic and surprisingly bloody warfare.

In TinyWars, you start off in an adorable world, looking to defend a small person on a chess piece. Monsters will come across the screen looking to make it to the chess piece to … Read More