TinyWars – Prototype Download


TinyWars, a cute Anime-styled tower defense game in the prototype stage, has you placing down witches to defend yourself against hordes of enemies in strategic and surprisingly bloody warfare.

In TinyWars, you start off in an adorable world, looking to defend a small person on a chess piece. Monsters will come across the screen looking to make it to the chess piece to … Read More

Soviet Humour – Alpha Demo


Soviet Humour, an online multiplayer word game inspired by Cards Against Humanity has you censoring and uncensoring headlines to try and create the most hilarious result!

Soviet Humour draws inspiration from the JackBox Party Games and Cards Against Humanity, but provides a fun new Soviet-style censoring twist to create an excellent online game that’s full of laugh out loud moments.  In the game … Read More

VOI – Beta Demo


VOI is a minimalistic puzzle game that explores the relationships between negative and positive space. With its calming, ambient soundtrack and sharp lines, VOI provides a meditative, sometimes challenging gaming experience.

VOI has a lot in common with tangram puzzles, where you must combine simple shapes together to create larger, more complex shapes (think making the outline of a rabbit from a bunch triangles and … Read More

Reclaim Earth – Alpha Demo

reclaim earth game

Reclaim Earth is a fast-paced, low res first-person shooter inspired by the DOOM franchise. With solid shooting mechanics and tight controls, Reclaim Earth provides more than just a nostalgic throwback splattered with bloody, pixellated gore; this game is a berserker packin’ man-and-a-half!

After humanity flees Earth following an alien invasion, a few brave souls dare to venture back to their abandoned home planet five years … Read More

Spell Casting: Meowgically Enhanced Edition – Alpha Demo

Spell Casting

Spell Casting: Meowgically Enhanced Edition is a spell casting puzzle game full of gaming in-jokes in which you cast spells by drawing specific shapes as accurately as possible!

You are a cat who always wanted to be a wizard. Sadly, you lived too far away to go to wizard’s school, until one day you were enrolled in homeschooling. Now, you are able to study and … Read More