Detective – Game Jam Build

Detective is an odd little fast paced puzzle adventure where you set out to investigate a group of missing people, but soon find yourself trapped in a time loop.

Created for the gm48 jam, in Detective you take on the role of the titular detective as he investigates the disappearance of a group of people last seen around Richmond Castle. However, while carrying out the … Read More

Pixel Noir – Pre-Alpha Demo

pixel noir

Pixel Noir, a game created by SWDTech Games, is a pseudo-3D JRPG-inspired detective game set against a film noir backdrop.

Pixel Noir takes place in Pinnacle City; a run down, decrepit cesspool run by murderers, drug dealers and crime bosses. You, a private eye that only has your cigarettes and a nagging “there has to be more” feeling in the back of your mind, … Read More