DOOM – Open Beta


DOOM is having an Open Beta weekend starting Friday the 15th, with the brutal multiplayer mode open for all to play on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Previously only open to those that pre-ordered, purchased Wolfenstein: New Order or signed up for the Alpha, DOOM is opening its demonic gates for all to play for one glorious, bloodsoaked weekend. Players will be able to … Read More

Necropolis – Beta Download


Necropolis is a rather awesome standalone Doom Total conversion First Person Brawler with RPG elements, set in a very stylish black and white world full of weird and wonderful monsters trying to rip you to (papery) shreds.

The game is still far from complete, but it’s already great fun with a cool paper-craft visual style, 3 different playable classes (Mage, Huntress & Cleric), each with … Read More



Gunscape is a great new voxel based FPS construction kit that allows you to create your own single-player campaigns, co-op levels or multi-player arenas, tailoring the theme, weapons, enemies and power-ups to create your unique vision.

The crafting is remarkably easy once you get the hang of it, with the basic level layout created out of Minecraft-style cubes, then filled with a wide selection of … Read More