The Joy Of Creation: Reborn – Alpha Download

the joy of creation reborn game

The Joy Of Creation: Reborn is an absolutely terrifying free roaming first person horror game based on the universe of Five Night’s at Freddy’s that uses the animatronics to create terror on a whole new level.

In The Joy Of Creation: Reborn you find yourself in what appears to be an abandoned house. Dimly light corridors and rooms are sprawled across the levels with evil … Read More

Snot – Alpha Download

snot game

Snot is a quirky and funny arcade action-adventure game where you play a reluctant little snail that seeks to learn the mysteries of the universe and his existence.

It’s a fun arcade-style romp with metroidvania leanings, charming character design, tricky level design, secrets and some interesting special abilities unlocked by combining various shells with elements.  The dev also plans to add multiplayer, a world editor, … Read More