Terminusoid – Prototype Download

Terminusoid is a stylish cinematic platformer where you attempt to escape from the last floating city in a dystopian desert world.

In Terminusoid you are a citizen who lives in a flying city on a deserted world. Every day you wake up and board a transport ship that takes you to a mining ship where you help mine a valuable element. The flying city is … Read More

Turbo Kid – Beta Demo

Turbo Kid is a brutal 2D metroidvania adventure where a BMX-riding hero with a “Turbo Glove™” sets out to cross a wasteland filled with mutants, robots and criminals.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago Turbo Kid is a BMXing metroidvania that acts as a sequel to the original Turbo Kid movie. It follows on directly after the events of the … Read More

Arksync – Beta Demo

Arksync is a pixel art Sci-Fi side-scrolling twin-stick shooter adventure where an assault robot attempts to help a toy bear return home.

In Arksync you are an assault robot who was left for scrap and was subsequently found and repaired by a sentient toy bear. The bear now needs your help to access restricted areas of the moon you’re on and find a way to … Read More

Slyders – Beta Demo

Slyders is a roguelite survival shooter that’s essentially Vampire Survivors in first person, with huge waves of demons, powerful bosses and badass companions.

The core gameplay in Slyders is very much like Vampire Survivors – you blast waves of demons, collect loot and unlock powerful perks. The aim of each area is to survive 15 minutes. You start with a melee attack and a gun, … Read More

The Luckiest in the Megaverse – Beta Demo

The Luckiest in the Megaverse is a clever twist on the incremental clicker genre, which sees you attempting to become the luckiest in the universe.

In The Luckiest in the Megaverse you stumble across a mysterious door which (after repeatedly knocking on), you discover is the entrance of a very exclusive place called the Luck Club. The only way to get in there is to … Read More