OverDrive X – Tech Demo

OverDrive X is a very stylish Unreal Engine 4 powered third person hack and slash action adventure set in a cyberpunk world where recently discovered alien technology has changed life as we know it.

OverDrive X is a more refined version of AlterCore, which we featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2016. The games narrative revolves around alien technology that was found … Read More

Project Shore – Alpha Build

Project Shore is a very impressive single player tactical RPG adventure with a branching narrative where decisions can have a dramatic effect on the gameplay and a unique battle system that minimizing micromanaging.

In Project Shore you take control of a brother and sister who carry out mercenary work for those who need it. You have been asked to meet a contact at a small … Read More

Complicity Inc. – Game Jam Build

Complicity Inc., a multitasking administration game made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you taking part in an increasing number of administration jobs in a secretive organisation.

You are a new employee at Complicity Inc., looking to impress your superiors, keep your job and get paid each day. You start off with simple tasks like refuelling. What are you refuelling? Who knows, and there … Read More

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa – Alpha Demo

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a VHS video nasty styled third person horror adventure with PS1 era visuals that sees you exploring a strange alien planet that’s inhabited by a psycho Santa!

Created by the developers behind Power Drill Massacre, Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a fun fusion of 80’s video nasty horror and PS1 era visuals design. In the game you play one … Read More

Prehistoric Kingdom – Pre-Alpha Demo

Prehistoric Kingdom is an ambitious new management sim that allows you to build and manage your own Jurassic Park!

In Prehistoric Kingdom players will be able to take charge of their own prehistoric zoo, designing exhibits, hiring staff, breeding dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, then opening it up to the public and hoping nobody gets eaten. You’ll need to make sure the park is … Read More