Achaem – Kickstarter Demo

Achaem is a fun fast paced hack n’ slash roguelike adventure set within an ever-changing infinite destructible voxel-based world.

In Achaem you take on the role of a tourist who inadvertently stumbles into a scar in time created by Achaem – a supernatural entity from the First Persian Empire. You find yourself trapped in a strange, ever shifting infinite land and agree to help AchaemRead More

RoomScape – Student Project Game

RoomScape is a fantastic first person puzzle adventure with some very inventive puzzle design and a dark Sci-Fi narrative that sees you attempting to escape from a mysterious research facility.

In RoomScape you take on the role of a female protagonist who wakes up in a strange research facility. It soon becomes apparent that your memory has been wiped and a voice coming through the … Read More

Murder at Fernwright Manor – Game Jam Build Download

Murder at Fernwright Manor is a stylish Poirot-esque first person murder mystery in which you take on the role of a detective who has been sent to investigate the murder of a governor at a party.

In Murder at Fernwright Manor you turn up at the manor in question and find the governor lying dead with a knife in his back and five suspects … Read More

Navisy: Creatures of the Deep – Student Project Game

Navisy: Creatures of the Deep is a stylish seafaring action adventure game that sees you exploring the sea, battling monsters and searching for a mythical beast.

In Navisy: Creatures of the Deep you control a little boat equipped with a harpoon gun, a searchlight, a compass and a shockwave. You’ve heard tales of a monster of the deep and have ventured out in your boat … Read More

OverDrive X – Tech Demo

OverDrive X is a very stylish Unreal Engine 4 powered third person hack and slash action adventure set in a cyberpunk world where recently discovered alien technology has changed life as we know it.

OverDrive X is a more refined version of AlterCore, which we featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2016. The games narrative revolves around alien technology that was found … Read More