Others – Game Jam Build

Others is a very stylish low rez first person exploration game that sees you trapped in a falling cycle.

Taking just a few minutes to play through, Others is a short interactive experience that’s all about style and mood. The resolution of just 64×64 was a requirement for the low rez game jam it was created for but it really fits well with the mysterious … Read More

All Good Bricks Go To Heaven – Game Jam Build

All Good Bricks Go To Heaven is an odd little physics based building game where you drink beer, listen to music and use bricks and mortar to build a tower to God.

In All Good Bricks Go To Heaven you are a reverend who has been tasked by his church to build a tower to God. To help with this you have a small plot … Read More

Throw Away Game: GOTY Edition – Game Jam Build

Throw Away Game: GOTY Edition is a super silly little first person throw ‘em up in which you can’t shoot guns because the mob have cut off your trigger fingers, but you can pick up and throw anything you can get your hands on!

In Throw Away Game: GOTY Edition you take on the role of a lone hero who must escape from a building … Read More

The Legend of Korr – Alpha Download

The Legend of Korr is a challenging side scrolling beat ‘em up with light RPG elements, staring Korr from the SNES fighting game Weaponlord, and some other familiar faces from retro classics.

Built in the OpenBOR engine, in The Legend of Korr you control Korr, a muscle bound sword-swingline hero from the reasonably well received 1995 fighting game, Weaponlord. It features a large … Read More

HappyFile – Game Jam Build

HappyFile is a fun little puzzle game that sees you arranging applications on your desktop to allow a lost file to make its way back to your computer.

The puzzle platforming gameplay in HappyFile is similar to Lemmings, but instead of trying to help hundreds of lemmings make their way home you have to guide one file across your desktop back to your computer. … Read More