Dead Frontier 2 – Beta Download

Dead Frontier 2 is essentially online multiplayer Resident Evil 2, with you able to drop in and drop out of a shared game world, blast zombies, complete quests, collect loot and work with or against other players.

Capcom had a go at turning Resident Evil into an online multiplayer survival shooter with the terrible Operation Raccoon City, but it looks like developer Creaky … Read More

Meeple Station – Kickstarter Demo

Meeple Station is a Dwarf Fortress inspired space station simulation game in which you build, manage and defend your very own space station while exploring space and turning a profit.

Drawing inspiration from Dwarf Fortress and Space Station 13, Meeple Station is an easily accessible isometric space station sim that is fondly reminiscent of Rimworld, with a dash of Starcraft-esque RTS warfare. … Read More

Sphysics – Game Jam Build

Sphysics is a super tough physics based platformer that sees you rotating the levels to guide a ball through 15 hazard filled levels (and 2 near-impossible bonus ones).

Sphysics plays a little like the bonus levels of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, with you controlling the movement of the ball by rotating the game world rather than having direct control of the ball itself. … Read More

Achaem – Kickstarter Demo

Achaem is a fun fast paced hack n’ slash roguelike adventure set within an ever-changing infinite destructible voxel-based world.

In Achaem you take on the role of a tourist who inadvertently stumbles into a scar in time created by Achaem – a supernatural entity from the First Persian Empire. You find yourself trapped in a strange, ever shifting infinite land and agree to help AchaemRead More

RoomScape – Student Project Game

RoomScape is a fantastic first person puzzle adventure with some very inventive puzzle design and a dark Sci-Fi narrative that sees you attempting to escape from a mysterious research facility.

In RoomScape you take on the role of a female protagonist who wakes up in a strange research facility. It soon becomes apparent that your memory has been wiped and a voice coming through the … Read More