The Will – Game Jam Build Download

The Will is a creepy first person horror adventure where you explore your recently deceased grandfather’s house and discover some very dark secrets.

You start The Will in the study of your recently departed grandfather’s home. He’s left you a letter which hints that his soul may not yet have left this world and he has summoned something from another world which is now trapped … Read More

The Guise – Alpha Demo

The Guise is a beautifully animated 2D metroidvania where you venture out into a dark fantasy world in search of a cure after accidentally turning yourself into a monster.

In The Guise you are an ordinary orphan boy who lives at a kid’s shelter with a couple of other kids and a mysterious caretaker. However, after venturing into your caretaker’s room after she mistakenly left … Read More

Fire Season – Game Jam Build Download

Fire Season is a fun and fast-paced 90’s styled first person combat game where you fire spells at cultists and mob-spawners in a strange Hellish world.

The gameplay in Fire Season is very simple, but fun. Your aim in each level is to shoot your way through hordes of enemies and blast the spawners that they spew out from. You then collect the keys that … Read More

My Friend is a Raven – Game Jam Build Download

My Friend is a Raven is a beautifully drawn little point and click horror adventure where the last man alive attempts to reconcile with a sickened raven who really knows how to hold a grudge!

Created for the 2019 Epic MegaJam, My Friend is a Raven is a beautifully drawn, but incredibly grim little adventure set in a world that has been devastated by a … Read More

SAMUDRA – Alpha Download

SAMUDRA is a beautiful INSIDE-esque puzzle platforming adventure that weaves a wordless tale of environmental damage and corporate greed as you explore the beautifully drawn depths of a heavily polluted ocean.

In SAMUDRA you follow the adventures of a mysterious young boy in an antiquated diving helmet as he explores the heavily polluted depths of the sea. You do come across the occasional massive … Read More