Fallen Angel – Alpha Download

Fallen Angel is a stylish pixel art hack ‘n slash action RPG where you control the dark lord Lucifer as he attempts to fight his way through heaven to come face to face with his creator.

In Fallen Angel you’re not just a bad guy, you’re THE bad guy, Lucifer himself, but it seems that maybe you’re actually on the side of good this time. … Read More

Lockheart Indigo – Beta Download

Lockheart Indigo is a beautifully crafted retro styled murder mystery adventure that weaves a tale of deceit, betrayal and homicidal sex robots as a young private eye is brought in to investigate the death of a very rich businessman.

In Lockheart Indigo you take on the role of a young, but perceptive private eye who has been hired by the wife of a recently deceased … Read More

Narwhal Heist – Beta Download

Narwhal Heist is a funny and challenging physics based stealth puzzle platforming adventure where a narwhal where a Narwhal goes on a stealing spree to pay for a $5,000,000 ransom.

In Narwhal Heist you take on the role of a secret agent called Wally the Narwhal who has a knack for breaking into buildings and stealing stuff (despite his rather cumbersome size). Unfortunately your arch … Read More

SOLUM – Student Game Download

SOLUM is a tense zero gravity Sci-Fi horror game where an astronaut tries to survive in the remains of a spaceship that’s been infested with a shadowy alien entity.

In SOLUM you take on the role of an astronaut who awakens to find that their ship is powered down and critically damaged. Dead bodies float through the corridors, your ship’s AI is struggling to cope … Read More

Six Cats Under – Game Jam Build Download

Six Cats Under is a charming little point and click puzzler where a recently deceased cat lady uses her poltergeist powers to find a way of rescuing the cats that are locked in her home.

At the very start of Six Cats Under you die. You’re not too upset about it, but you are worried about your MANY cute little cats that are trapped in … Read More