Demon Pit – Beta Demo

Demon Pit is a fast paced 90s styled first person shooter where you blast hordes of demons and attempt to survive for as long as possible in an arena that reconfigures itself as you play.

The goal of Demon Pit is simple – survive for as long as possible in a demon-filled arena. The demons come in many shapes and sizes an increase in power … Read More

She Dreams Elsewhere – Beta Demo

She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal narrative-driven RPG adventure that plays like a blend of Undertale, Earthbound and Persona, and follows an anxiety-ridden woman as she deals slips between the “real” world and a nightmarish world that preys on her fears.

In She Dreams Elsewhere you take on the role of Thalia Sullivan, a young woman who is currently in a coma and … Read More

Life Dot Lock – Prototype Download

Life Dot Lock is a strange little narrative driven puzzle adventure where you mull over your feelings of contempt for a colleague of yours and hack your way through various security systems while out for a stroll.

In Life Dot Lock you take on the role of a talented tech guru called Guus who is supposed to be meeting with a client and his long … Read More

Close the Windows, Lock the Doors – Game Jam Build

Close the Windows, Lock the Doors is a fun little fast paced murder ‘em up where you control a slavic evil spirit that must slay and consume all the humans on an idyllic little island.

In Close the Windows, Lock the Doors you take control of CHORT, an evil spirit with an insatiable hunger for fresh blood. To sate this hunger you must slay … Read More

Exit Mask – Alpha Demo

Exit Mask is a stylish and unsettling first person horror game where the biggest threat is yourself as you delve into a surreal black and white world inspired by obsessive thought patterns and compulsions.

In Exit Mask you find yourself exploring large surreal black and white levels, filled with macabre imagery that represents intrusive thoughts and the uglier side within us all. There are large … Read More