Big Boy Boxing – Beta Demo

Big Boy Boxing is a Punch-Out!! inspired arcade boxing game where you attempt to pummel a variety of oddball pugilists into submission.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Big Boy Boxing is a boss-rush arcade boxing game inspired by Punch-Out!! and Cuphead. The latest demo features four boxes to battle, each with different boxing styles and challenging secondary … Read More

XF Extreme Formula – Beta Demo

XF Extreme Formula is a slick and speedy futuristic racer that aims to be a spiritual successor to the F-Zero games.

The gameplay in XF Extreme Formula is pretty much the same as F-Zero – you use futuristic hovercraft to compete in high speed gravity-defying races. The demo features a selection of different tracks and a variety of familiar shaped hovercraft. Tracks also include boost … Read More

Blessed Burden – Alpha Demo

Blessed Burden is a first person horror platforming adventure where you are the sole surviving priest following a religious apocalypse.

In Blessed Burden most of humanity has been wiped out by an apocalyptic religious war. You are a priest who has learned of a powerful Book of Relics that could help to reincarnate the world. Betting the book won’t be easy though – you’ll have … Read More

Lucky Tower Ultimate – Alpha Demo

Lucky Tower Ultimate is a very funny roguelike action adventure where a narcissistic knight attempts to escape from a deadly tower.

The 2D action platforming gameplay in Lucky Tower Ultimate is a little like Rogue Legacy, but with lots more laughs and nudity. You take on the role of a rather hapless knight who is trapped at the top of a randomly generated tower. … Read More

Savant: Ascent REMIX – Beta Demo

Savant: Ascent REMIX is an intense elevator-riding twin-stick shooter with a minimalistic control scheme that allows you to focus on dodging and blasting.

A sequel to the well received 2013 original, Savant: Ascent REMIX is a twin-stick shooter where you ascend a massive tower and blast hordes of robots. You can aim and fire as in any twin-stick shooter, but the movement is pretty unique. … Read More