Superbike Xtreme – Alpha Demo

Superbike Xtreme is a challenging MotoRacer 1 inspired motorbike racer that aims to deliver an authentic 90’s arcade racing experience.

The old school arcade gameplay of Superbike Xtreme is simple, but fun and extremely challenging. The controls are limited to turning left and right, accelerating, braking and wheelieing. Popping a wheelie doesn’t just make you look cool – it actually makes you go faster, but … Read More “Superbike Xtreme – Alpha Demo”

Hover Raider – Alpha Download

Hover Raider is a simple, but very stylish futuristic racing game that plays like F-Zero set in a TRON-esque neon-filled world.

The high speed anti-gravity racing of Hover Raider takes place on gravity defying tracks surrounded by neon-filled cities. The current build features seven tracks, three different vehicles and two different game modes (race and battle). Race mode is a straight up race, much … Read More “Hover Raider – Alpha Download”

Super Mario Generations – Alpha Download

Super Mario Generations is essentially a fan made Mario version of Sonic Generations, allowing players to take control of modern and retro versions of Mario and play remixed versions of classic stages.

In Super Mario Generations you can take control of Classic Mario or Modern Mario. Classic Mario plays pretty much the same as in the original Super Mario Bros, but with the … Read More “Super Mario Generations – Alpha Download”

The Klaxo Radio Hour – Beta Download

The Klaxo Radio Hour is a fantastic fully voice acted choose your own adventure game that plays out as you listen to a 1940s murder mystery broadcast on a cursed antique radio.

The branching narrative adventure of The Klaxo Radio Hour is entirely played out via the broadcasts that come from a cursed 1940s radio, with you listening as the murder mystery drama plays out … Read More “The Klaxo Radio Hour – Beta Download”

Neon Abyss – Alpha Demo

Neon Abyss is an awesome 2D roguelike that feels a lot like what The Binding of Isaac would if it was an action platformer set in a Sci-Fi world full of neon gods to dispatch!

In Neon Abyss you battle your way through procedurally generated dungeons, blasting monsters and neon gods as you attempt to find a cure for your immortal curse. The combat is … Read More “Neon Abyss – Alpha Demo”