Notebook Detective – Student Game

Notebook Detective is a first person detective game where you use clues and the statements of three different witnesses to help solve a murder in a prohibition era speakeasy.

Created by students of the Breda University of Applied Sciences, Notebook Detective is a unique little first person detective game where you attempt to solve the murder of a man at a 1920’s speakeasy. You can … Read More

Visage – Student Game

Visage is a stylish dual control puzzle platformer where you control a character and a mystica mask as they fight a mysterious infection that’s causing people to lose their faces.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Visage is a fun little single-player cooperative puzzle platformer where you control your character with the left analog stick and their mystical mask with the right … Read More

Aftermoor – Student Game

Aftermoor is a stylish and surreal third person action platforming adventure where you use your blade spinning abilities to roll, ride and fight your way through the strange limbo you’re trapped in.

In Aftermoor you find yourself dead and reincarnated into a strange mechanical body inside a dark and surreal limbo. The only way out is to defeat a mysterious person called the “Overseer”, but … Read More

Midnight Grub Session – Game Jam Build

Midnight Grub Session is a fun little Metal Gear Solid parody where your aim is to sneak around your house at night and eat enough snacks to get “dummy thicc” without getting caught by your partner.

In Midnight Grub Session you control Jim, a skinny guy on a mission to get dummy thicc. You get thicc by sneaking out of bed in the middle of … Read More

The Parallel Chronicles – Alpha Download

The Parallel Chronicles is an incredibly tense and unsettling Silent Hill inspired PS1 era styled horror adventure where you descend into a blood-soaked nightmare as you attempt to escape from your apartment building.

There are two developmental builds of The Parallel Chronicles available, both of which are very different and both of which are equally terrifying. The Alpha build is the longest and plays out … Read More