Micro Arcade – Game Jam Build Download

Micro Arcade is a fun little first person game where you move a tiny little character around the controls of an arcade cabinet to make them play a 3D tank game!

Created for the Video games Lab Game Jam 2021, in Micro Arcade you have gone to play the T.A.N.K. game at your local video game arcade. However, you don’t pay for the game with … Read More

Sleepless Kevin – Game Jam Build Download

Sleepless Kevin is a freaky and funny little PS1 styled first person horror game where you have a little trouble with a ghostly cleaner/handyman after taking your new medication.

Created for the Halloween Jam 2021, Sleepless Kevin tells an odd little story of Kevin, an insomniac who has been having a lot of trouble sleeping. After talking to his shrink he’s been prescribed some new … Read More

Two Against the Legion – Beta Sign Up

Two Against the Legion is a co-op multiplayer puzzle adventure where two players work together to prevent a robotic revolution from causing a nuclear disaster.

Playable in split-screen local co-op or online via Remote Play Together, in Two Against the Legion the players solve puzzles and defeat robots as they try to stop a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. Interestingly, each player plays the … Read More

My Way – Downloadable Game

My Way is a wonderfully weird little action puzzle game with a hint of SUPERHOT, where you plot your route around your environment to dodge bullets and obliterate bad guys.

Created by seiko_dev, (creator of Gray Robo 0.0) for the 16th UE4 Petit Con, My Way is a fast, fun and very silly action puzzle game that follows a robotic superhero as he … Read More