Lazaret – Alpha Demo

Lazaret is a tense and atmospheric first person horror adventure set aboard a mysterious ship that disappeared for four years.

In Lazaret you are part of a rescue team that’s been sent to investigate a distress signal coming from a large ship that disappeared four years ago. The rescue operation went awry and now you find yourself stranded alone on the ship. Or rather, alone … Read More

The Entropy Centre – Alpha Demo

The Entropy Centre is a Portal inspired narrative-driven first person Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you use a talking entropy gun to solve puzzles and save the world.

In The Entropy Centre you find yourself in a mysterious abandoned space station around the orbit of Earth. It appears the station has been carrying out research into entropy/time manipulation and they’ve managed to create a talking entropy … Read More

Astra: Fading Stars – Beta Demo

Astra: Fading Stars is a beautifully animated 2D action adventure set in a world where the stars are being enveloped in darkness and you set out to fight the corruption that’s causing it.

In Astra: Fading Stars you have a powerful ability that springs from your soul, called the Astral Call, which you use to interact with the environment, parry attacks and fight enemies you … Read More

Warlander – Open Beta

Warlander is a massively multiplayer mediaeval fantasy siege warfare game where up to 100 players face off in huge team-based battles.

Playable in 2 Army and 5 Army game modes, Warlander blends battle royale, MOBA and siege warfare gameplay in large scale 100 player battles. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of Warriors, Clerics and Mages, and during battles you’ll be able … Read More

Wizordum – Downloadable Game

Wizordum is a retro styled FPS adventure that feels like a wholesome take on the classic 90’s Hexen style fantasy shooters.

Drawing inspiration from Hexen, Heretic and Catacomb Abyss, Wizordum is a magic-based retro FPS filled with secrets, traps and puzzles. In the game you take on the role of a cleric who has been sent to investigate a darkness that’s spreading across … Read More