Lore Finder – Kickstarter Demo

Lore Finder is a stylish retro 2D cosmic horror action platformer metroidvania in which you search a monster infested mansion for your missing father, with only your wits, a revolver and some scrolls of forbidden lore to help you.

Currently in development by Kitsune Games (creators of Midboss), in Lore Finder you take control of K.C. Morgan, a paranormal investigator who is searching an … Read More

Here, There Be Monsters – Student Project Game

Here, There Be Monsters is a Lovecraftian seafaring action adventure game where you go in search of a massive tentacled monster that has laid claim to the world.

In Here, There Be Monsters you captain a mysterious ship with tattered sails and broadside cannons as it searches the world for a huge Lovecraftian monster to slay. Your ship is hardly the most nimble of vessels … Read More

The Subject – Beta Demo

The Subject is a dark Sci-Fi horror adventure where you solve puzzles and attempt to avoid a monster that stalks the corridors of the mysterious research facility you’ve been imprisoned in.

In The Subject you are a prisoner who has been sold to a research company and shuttled off for testing in a research space station. A prisoner’s life really isn’t worth much in the … Read More

Evolve Time – Student Project Game

Evolve Time is a charming and challenging puzzle platformer where you are a slime which can control the cute little animals it comes into contact with, then use their unique abilities to make your way through it’s cleverly designed levels.

In Evolve Time you control a little slime who has to make its way through 16 obstacle-filled levels. You don’t really have any useful abilities … Read More

Beach Date – Game Jam Build

Beach Date is a strange, silly and surprisingly intimate little physics-based dating game in which you cover your date with sand, potato chips and wine while enjoying a sunset on the beach.

In Beach Date you use the mouse to control a single arm of a young woman who is sat with her date on the beach. You can use your arm to touch your … Read More