Chalkboard – Prototype Download

Chalkboard is a very stylish little isometric puzzle adventure where you use a magical piece of chalk to draw holes in the chalkboard walls of the environment.

Taking place in a beautiful sketch drawing styled world, Chalkboard is a game where finding or unlocking a door is never a problem, because you can just draw one! In each of the levels you can take out … Read More

BOMBASTIC – Beta Download

BOMBASTIC is a very well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer where you create chain reactions of explosions to clear all the orange blocks from each level.

Currently in development by NOWARE Games, BOMBASTIC is a puzzle platformer where you control a cute little orange bomb called Splodey who causes a small explosion each time he jumps. These explosions can be used to destroy orange blocks, … Read More

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Beta Demo

PC owners can now download a “jumbo demo” build of Dragon Quest Builders 2, allowing players to explore, fight, harvest and build in a sandbox fantasy land threatened by an evil cult!

Previously released on console only, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is now bringing its popular block building RPG gameplay to PC. It takes place during the events of the original Dragon Quest 2Read More

Ghost Of Tomorrow – Alpha Download

Ghost Of Tomorrow is a creepy time travelling paranormal adventure where you get a glimpse of a future where you’ve been murdered.

In Ghost Of Tomorrow you take on the role of a young woman named Amanda who wakes up alone in her apartment one day and starts to experience time slips that tell the events of her murder. As you explore your apartment the … Read More

At Times Like These, There Is Only One Answer – Game Jam Build

Some games focus on story, giving you loads of dialogue options when it comes to responding to other characters in the game. At Times Like These, There is Only One Answer does what the title says and gives you just one answer to every question you are asked.

The twist? You can change the tone of what you are saying, making sentences sound very different … Read More