Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon – Beta Download

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon is a very addictive racing car based incremental clicker which sees you earning upgrades, recruiting a crew, unlocking cars and generally making all of your stats go up as you race along highways.

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon is very much an incremental clicker so don’t expect to be able to actually drive your car – you simply click to … Read More

9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena – Beta Download

9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena is a martial arts focused objective based battle royale game set within the 9Dragons MMO universe, which sees 50 players searching for a key that will allow access to a hidden chamber containing the Nine Dragons Legacy.

The 50 player battle royale gameplay of 9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena takes place on Gado, a large mysterious island which is rumored to contain … Read More

We Should Talk – Student Project Game

We Should Talk is a conversation driven narrative experience where you visit your favorite bar to discuss life and love with friends and strangers while determining whether your relationship with your partner will survive the night.

In We Should Talk you visit a bar to mull things over about your current relationship. Things are a little rough between you and your girlfriend and she wants … Read More

The Blind Prophet – Kickstarter Demo

The Blind Prophet is a dark, bloody and stylish narrative driven point and click adventure where you take on the role of an apostle, sent on a mission by God to protect humans from the corruption of demons.

In The Blind Prophet you follow the story of Bartholomeus, an apostle who is on a divine mission to rid the world of the corruption of demons. … Read More

The Resistance – Game Jam Build

The Resistance is a clever little puzzle platformer where you work cooperatively with previous recordings of yourself to help a bunch of single use batteries reach the prophesied Land of Ohm.

In The Resistance you take control of a group of single use batteries who are fed up of being drained of their power then thanklessly tossed aside. They now seek refuge in the prophesied … Read More