Make Your Kingdom – Open Beta

Make Your Kingdom is a fast paced city-building game where you attempt to keep your citizens happy and your city thriving while dealing with natural disasters, climate shifts and orc attacks!

In Make Your Kingdom your settlers are your most important resource. Every citizen is unique and you need to keep them happy for your civilization to prosper and grow. Fail to keep them safe … Read More

Dino Breakout – Game Jam Build Download

Dino Breakout is an inventive physics-based puzzle game where you throw balls to topple wooden towers and destroy cages containing cute little dinosaurs.

Created for the 8 Bits to Infinity Palette Jam, Dino Breakout is an easily accessible mouse-controlled physics-based puzzle game where you have a limited amount of throws to free dinosaurs from their cages. The cages in question are balanced atop a variety … Read More

Stray Souls – Alpha Demo

Stray Souls blends psychological horror and survival horror gameplay as a teenager moves into his dead grandmother’s house and finds that it’s harboring some very dark secrets.

In Stray Souls you follow the story of Daniel, a teenage boy who has recently inherited an old run-down house from his grandmother. When he moves into the house he also meets a mysterious girl called Martha, who … Read More

The Outer Zone: The Construction – Game Jam Build Download

The Outer Zone: The Construction is a very stylish Sci-Fi point and click adventure where you set out into a dangerous wasteland in search of an energy-rich meteorite.

The Construction is the fourth in the series of standalone short adventures dubbed Tales From The Outer Zone (others include Cyborg Seppuku, The Goat Crone and Fleshworms) and also takes place in the same universe … Read More

Trains of Thought – Beta Download

Trains of Thought is a non-euclidean first person puzzle game set within a mind-bending subway complex filled with impossible spaces.

In each level of Trains of Thought your aim is to get from one train to another one via a connecting subway station. However, the subway stations are a little different from what you’d get in the likes of the London Underground. For starters there … Read More