Secret Habitat – GameJam Build Download

Secret Habitat

Secret Habitat is a wonderful little oddity that allows you to explore a procedurally generated town, full of procedurally generated art museums, which are populated with procedurally generated art and procedurally generated audio clips (Thankfully you don’t need a procedurally generated computer to play it on though).

This triumph of all things procedural looks fantastic, full of angular buildings and striking low poly visuals.  There’s … Read More

EGGNOGG+ – Beta Download


Seasons Greetings one and all!  How about some Eggnog to wash down that Christmas turkey?  Or to be more precise some EGGNOGG+ –  a NIDHOGG-inspired competitive arcade game of immortals sword-fighting to the death.

Originally created for TOJam as a re-imagining and parody of NIDHOGG, EGGNOGG+ has now taken on a life of it’s own and become much more than a NIDHOGG Knock-off.  … Read More

Beyond Flesh and Blood – Xmas Alpha Demo

flesh and blood xmas

Beyond Flesh and Blood is has released a special festive themed Alpha Demo, with Christmas hats and exploding presents! (thanks to Morrow Gore for notifying us)

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a post-apocalyptic story-led 3rd person action/shooter, featuring huge metal endoskeletons battling across the decaying city of Manchester (UK).  Gameplay in the Alpha Demo blends 3rd person shooting (horde mode especially) with tower defense … Read More

Hollow – GameJam Build Download


Hollow is a wonderful haunted horse ride inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, full of spooky scares and full of some of the most stunning low poly visuals you’re ever likely to see.

There are two types of gameplay available – a guided on-rails chariot ride and a free roaming horse ride, we’d highly recommend trying both (Chariot first, then the horse ride).  … Read More

Orion Trail – Alpha Demo

Orion Trail

Orion Trail is a wonderful mix of FTL and The Oregon Trail that sees you commanding your Star Trek-esque vessel across the deadly Orion Trail, embarking on missions full of bizarre random encounters.

After choosing your captain, crew and ship you set out across the Orion Trail.  On the way you must decide how to deal with many strange encounters – from tentacle … Read More