Ant Simulator – Prototype Download

ant simulator

Ant Simulator is a cool first person exploration game that allows you to wander around a lush forrest floor from the perspective of a lowly ant, even venturing into your ant colony and meeting massive ant queen.

The prototype was created for Ludum Dare and at the moment has no objectives, you just explore the area and enjoy being an ant.  There are plans to … Read More “Ant Simulator – Prototype Download”

Necropolis – Beta Download


Necropolis is a rather awesome standalone Doom Total conversion First Person Brawler with RPG elements, set in a very stylish black and white world full of weird and wonderful monsters trying to rip you to (papery) shreds.

The game is still far from complete, but it’s already great fun with a cool paper-craft visual style, 3 different playable classes (Mage, Huntress & Cleric), each with … Read More “Necropolis – Beta Download”

Cylne – Alpha Demo


Cylne is a surreal first person exploration puzzle platformer full of psychological effects, trippy visuals and environments based on poetry.

The game really is mind bending, in Cylne just looking at a wall while moving towards it is crazy and a bit scary at the same time.  Due for release this Summer, in the full game you’ll explore many weird places, with the surreal Read More “Cylne – Alpha Demo”

Baseless – Tech Demo


Baseless is a super cool 2D action game from Fermenter (developer of the rather awesome David game), with a charming colourful minimalistic aesthetic, space cowboys and a rather splendid scarf.

Interestingly, movement is controlled by just moving the mouse around and firing.  It’s an odd but fun control scheme, especially when combined with that massive scarf that trails in your wake.

Baseless is still very … Read More “Baseless – Tech Demo”

Smoking Simulator – Beta Download

smoking simulator

Smoking Simulator sees you going about your daily business at your crappy office job, trying your very best not to get too stressed out.  If your stress levels get too high the red mist will descend and you’ll trash the office – which is fun, but not so good for your career prospects.

As you can guess from the games title, Smoking is your main … Read More “Smoking Simulator – Beta Download”