Blockade 3D – Beta Download (Steam)

blockade 3d

Blockade 3D is a fun Minecraft-inspired FPS with fully dynamic cubic worlds where you can build and destroy till your heart’s content.

Featuring a wide array of weaponry and lots of cool game-modes – including zombie mode and tank mode – and take place on huge, fully customisable maps with 32 players.  There seems to be quite a few voxel based shooters in the … Read More

Serenity – GameJam Build Download


Serentiy is a short pixel art adventure built for Ludum 31 that sees you exploring strange alien facility and collecting musical fireflies.

Much like our precviously featured Rockrocket, Serenity‘s relatively small but beautifully crafted play area (it was originally intended to fit on one screen, but as it was a little hard to see, the dev increased the pixel size), is packed full … Read More

Insatia – Alpha Download

Insatia game

Insatia is a wonderfully addictive game that takes the best bits of Snake and Tron-lightcycles and mixes them up into a rather grotesque worm-on-worm combat game.

The rules are fairly simple, your worm can swallow anything that fits in its mouth, including parts of other worms.  The more you eat, the more you grow, until you are able to consume everything in your path. You … Read More

Super Mario Fusion Revival – Beta Download

Super Mario Fusion Revival

Super Mario Fusion Revival is the best fan made Mario game you’re likely to play, featuring fantastic level design, multiple playable characters and some notable cameos from other classic franchises.

With you able to play as Mario, Peach and even Bowser on certain levels, Super Mario Fusion Revival takes the classic gameplay of Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3 and spices it up … Read More

quadrant – Beta Demo


quadrant (all lower-case) is a fast paced rhythm-action game where all you have to do is press the corresponding direction that the large box is located in before it moves.  Sound easy?  Rest assured, it most certainly is not!

Things start of reasonably easy with some basic boxes on a monochrome background, but as soon as you start to get the hang of it, quadrantRead More