New Retro Arcade – Tech Demo Download

new retro arcade

New Retro Arcade is a fantastic retro arcade simulator that allows players to explore and play real retro games on authentic MAME arcade machines, Super Nintendo’s and Game Boy’s.

We’ve seen similar virtual arcades before with Microsoft’s Game Room and Anarchy Arcade, but nothing with the amount of detail and ease of use of New Retro Arcade.  As you explore this retro haven, you … Read More

Super Wolfenstein HD – Prototype Download

super wolfenstein hd

Super Wolfenstein HD is a fantastically fun game from the developers of Broforce, that introduces hilarious ‘realistic’ physics and fully destructible environments to the classic Nazi shooting gameplay of Wolfenstein 3D.

Even in the prototype stages of development, Super Wolfenstein HD is a blast.  The realistic physics are a particular standout, allowing for some seriously funny moments when you knock down guards and … Read More

Kuja – Alpha Demo

Kuja game

Kuja is a completely physics-based drunk fighting simulator, in the same vein as Gang Beasts, with jelly-legged drunkards partaking in slapstick fights to be the last man standing.

Kuja is stil very early in development (there’s not even any sound yet), but it’s shaping up nicely, with wonderfully chaotic fights, environmental destruction and lots of pick-up-and-useable weaponry.  The Alpha demo features single player, co-op … Read More

Cadence – Alpha Download


Cadence is a beautiful musical puzzle game we first featured a year ago, with a focus on elegance in solving a musical puzzle, and simple Zen-like design.

In Cadence you connect dots of different shapes and functions to each other and generate a tone from a main node.  What’s interesting about this game is, while solving a puzzle you might find different ways of … Read More

RETSNOM – Pre-Alpha Demo


RETSNOM is an inventive pixel art puzzle platformer that allows players to break the map, by mirroring sections of the level, and rearranging it on the fly.

The tone of RETSNOM is pretty macabre (there’s a clue in the title), featuring some gory pixel art and a dark storyline that has you breaking into a lab to steal medicine for your daughter, who’s been infected … Read More