Every City Is The Same – Game Jam Build Download

every city is the same

Every City Is The Same is a short, introspective game built for the itch.io LocusJam that explores the concepts of dissatisfaction and romanticization of the past through the lens of an empty apartment.

In Every City Is The Same, you have no goals, no mission, no explicit win state. All there is to do is to explore your surroundings, which take the form of … Read More

33grams – Game Jam Build Download

33 Grams

33grams is an eerie experimental game built in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 34 where you must guide an eclipse of silk moths out of the confines of a deadly silk factory.

33grams has a one button control scheme that would work marvellously on mobile devices. You simply click to guide your moths across the map, collecting small cocooned moths as you make your way … Read More

From the Sea, Freedom – Game Jam Build

from the sea freedom 1

From the Sea, Freedom is a meditative swimming simulator made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam where you must explore the flora and fauna of a coral reef.

From the Sea, Freedom is intended to be a very relaxing experience. There is no timer, no risk of death. There is just you, the ocean, and some fish. As you swim by … Read More

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect – Game Jam Build Download

Infinite Monkey autocorrect

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect is a totally ridiculous experimental game built in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 34 and #clonejamnathalie, the latest game jam in Game Jolt’s ongoing series featuring the work of prominent freeware developers. As such, the game draws its inspiration from the quirky and award-winning Nathalie Lawhead.

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect is based on the theorem that given a sufficient amount of time, a … Read More

Jazu – Game Jam Build


Jazu is a short, semi-interactive musical conversation where you play as a bartender confronted with two unusual (and particularly chatty) patrons.

Visually, Jazu is stunning. With slick line art and vivid colours, it presents itself as more a moving comic than a video game. The jazzy musical accompaniment compliments the game’s film noir vibe and helps to build a growing sense of dread as each … Read More