My Lucky Day – Student Project

My Lucky Day

My Lucky Day is a grim, experimental game that examines the psychology behind playing the lottery and how it relates to advertising, our dreams, and our realities.

Much of My Lucky Day’s story is told silently through its art direction. The game opens on a gorgeous beachside paradise, where you have nothing to do but relax with a drink in your hand. But this dream … Read More

Wizard Detective – Alpha Demo

Wizard Detective

Wizard Detective is an experimental, narrative-driven game in which you recruit followers and hunt down an evil wizard in a town where everything from the characters to the background music is completely procedurally generated.

You play as a Wizard Detective tasked with ridding a small town of an evil wizard. Unfortunately for you, the evil wizard has disguised themself as an ordinary citizen! In order … Read More

Call of Dudley – Game Jam Build Download

Call of Dudley

Call of Dudley is a simply maddening, experimental, first-person game built for PROCJAM 2015, a game jam focusing on procedural generation in games.

In Call of Dudley, you start the game with very little. Dropped into a eye-scorching labyrinth of rooms, doors, and telephones, you only have the titles screen’s cryptic objectives of “search area” and “render assistance” to guide your actions.

In much … Read More