The Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror – Full Game Download

simpsons treehouse of horror

The Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror is an impressive fan made homage to the classic Simpsons Arcade game.

It’s a fun side scrolling arcade brawler that revolves around Homer, Bart and Krusty thwarting an alien invasion orchestrated by everyones favourite green tentacled extra terrestrials – Kang and Kodos.  It features an extensive story mode, full of in-jokes, unlockable sidekicks, mini-games, boss battles, fun special moves and … Read More



The rather long titled DeathOfSerious Mugen Pack World Of Madness is an awesome M.U.G.E.N  based fighter that allows for some very silly (and brilliant) match-ups.  Allowing you to pit Homer Vs Peter Griffin, Megaman vs Sub Zero, Kirby Vs Spider man, Iron Man Vs  Kirby and Mario Vs Spongebob.

The roster in the Alpha currently includes 30 characters battling over 20 classic video game stages, … Read More